About Us

Counter Terrorism Advanced Training Center is a premier location for multi-operational training in real life venues that replicate real world scenarios. The buildings are constructed with fortified concrete to withstand the implementation of certain entry devices and training ammunition that will provide the operators with a realistic experience that they will endure during deployments. Each venue is fully staged with the furnishings that is the "theme" of the building’s offerings.


Training Center

CTATC's "City" offers training venues that include a school with 6 classrooms, a chapel, an administration building with 10 offices, theater, grocery store, outdoor areas and an open bay area that can be custom configured to meet your needs.


Situated in a remote location in Immokalee, Florida, CTATC encompasses 1200 acres of secured and dynamic structures that also include essential firing ranges, FAA certified unrestricted airspace 3721(Class G), multiple landing zones for helicopters and a wide variety of training areas.


CTATC provides first responders, military personnel, school guardians, church personnel and corporate leaders with firearms and tactical training venues to not only keep them proficient at deploying during incidents, but to also address Active Shooting incidents that are plaguing our nation in offices, entertainment businesses and our children’s schools.