CTATC Site Map


CTATC's "City" offers training venues that include a school with 6+ classrooms, a chapel, administration building with 10+ offices, dining hall area, theater, grocery store and open bay areas that can be custom configured to meet your agencies needs. During well orchestrated training scenarios by highly trained and credible subject matter experts, operators (participants) will be required to advance through scenarios that they will be subjected to encounter in their areas of responsibilities.


1. CTATC HQ Building

2. Security Check Point

3. Covered Picnic Tables

4. Pre-School

5. Place of Worship

6. Multi-Level Theatre

7. Open Bay Areas - NE

8. Prison Cell Block - E

9. Open Bay Areas - NW

10. Prison Cell Block - N

11. Warehouse

12. Cafeteria

13. Reserved Local LE Structure

14. School

15. Open Bay Areas - SW

16. Prison Cell Block - S

17. Search & Rescue Structure

18. Office Building

19. Canteen

20. Canteen

21. Open Breeching Area

22. Covered Picnic Tables

23. Single Family Residence

24. Warehouse

25. Maintenance Facility


CTATC’s “Village” includes 4 open style living barracks quarters. The Village is also equipped with a mess hall, a recreation room, classrooms and a gym.


1. Security Check Point 2. Recreation Room 3. Barracks 4. Mess Hall 5. Gym 6. Barracks 7. Barracks

8. Barracks 9. 25 & 300 Yard Gun Range



We have 40 single-man units used exclusively for training scenarios only.